Big Data = Big Earnings

MOBI.INFO allows app publishers to earn additional revenue streams by collecting their anonymous user data and uploading directly into the global data marketplace.

  • Open new revenue streams
  • Use with existing ad networks
  • Combat ad blocker revenue loss

New Integration = New Earnings

Because MOBI.INFO can be used on top of other monetization strategies, app publishers can increase their overall revenue without changing a thing.

Fewer Ads = Happier Users

Because MOBI.INFO doesn’t use ads, publishers who wish to reduce their volume without decreasing earnings can do so quickly and easily, and less ads means happier users.


Simple Integration = Quick Earnings

MOBI.INFO uses a simple and easy SDK that is easy to integrate, easy to deploy and powerful enough to drive heavy revenue. Earnings are displayed in a real-time web portal, and payments are processed WEEKLY!

Part of the Airpush Global Network

220,000+ Apps Integrated Globally

450,000,000 Global Users

Six Billion Monthly Impressions